Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas is almost here!  In the rush to finish up Christmas shopping, it can be almost too easy to forget the stocking stuffers.  Luckily, Uncle Lem’s has some great ones available at an affordable price!


Ready to find that perfect stocking stuffer idea?  Here are our favorites!

Hydro Flask Products

Price Range:  $25 – $45

We carry a wide range of Hydro Flask items.  Their line doesn’t just include the classic water bottle – there’s also a pint glass, mug, and even a water bottle with built-in straw!  Show your loved ones you care about their hydration and slip a Hydro Flask in their stocking this year!

Kavu Quick Zip

Price:  $18.00

This little accessory pouch is perfect for anyone’s stocking!  Made out of cotton canvas and denim, this pouch is small enough to take anywhere while being large enough for a multitude of uses.  Plus, you have your choice of 4 patterns – get it before they’re gone!

MSR Folding Spork

Price:  $3.95

This will be the silliest item pulled from a stocking ever!  But don’t be fooled – this folding spork is perfect for your outdoor-loving pals.  This spork easily collapses for easy carrying, and when opened, operates as either a spoon or knife during chow time.  Made to fit inside other MSR products, such as their mugs or dishware.



SOL Phoenix Multi-Tool

Price:  $25.00

SOL tools are built to do exactly what their name implies:  Survive Outdoors Longer. This multi-tool includes a retractable flint, tinder compartment, LED light, whistle, and a serrated knife blade that can be used as a striker, bottle opener, wrench, and flat head screwdriver.  This is like putting a small tool box in your loved one’s stocking!

Elkmont’s Uncle Lem Ownby Book

Price:  $19.99

Read about our store’s namesake!  Uncle Lem was the last leaseholder living in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and his story tells the tale of his life in those beautiful mountains. This book has been a bestseller in the Smoky Mountains for years.

Uncle Lem’s Nalgene Water Bottle

Price:  $11.99

Your choice of color comes with this water bottle!  Uncle Lem’s Nalgene water bottles are made with a wide mouth to ensure ease of use.  Whether you’re wanting ice in your water, a purifier or filter, or just an easier-to-wash water bottle, this is the one for you!

Uncle Lem’s Silipint Glass

Price:  $10.95

Bright, colorful, and it looks great coming out of a stocking!  Uncle Lem’s pint glasses are made from silicone, making them more rugged than the traditional drinking glass.  These reusable glasses also help keep your drinks at that perfect temperature, making them a perfect gift idea!

Uncle Lem’s Hat

Price:  $17.99

Hit the trails and keep the sun out of your eyes with this awesome Uncle Lem’s ball cap!  Available in 3 different color variations to match up with anyone’s style!

Uncle Lem’s T-shirt

Adult Version / Youth Version

Price Range:  $19.99 – $24.99

Whoever’s stocking you’re stuffing, there’s an Uncle Lem’s t-shirt to throw in, too!  Made of a cotton and polyester blend, these shirts are comfortable for wearing all year round.  For kids, you’ll find an orange or blue option, while adults have 4 different color options!


We also have long sleeve options!

Long Sleeve Version


Uncle Lem’s Hooded Sweatshirt

Price: $36.00

Perfect for those cold-weather days!  Stay warm with this Uncle Lem’s hooded sweatshirt, available in a deep gray and showing our logo on the back.

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